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The School of Finance of Shanxi University of Finance and Economics started in 1951 as the Training Class of Shanxi Branch of People's Bank of China. Since 1960, it began to enroll four-year undergraduate students. In 1998, the School of Finance and Public Finance was established, with the Department of Public Finance and the Department of Finance. After the institutional reform in January 2019, the School of Finance and Public Finance was transformed into the School of Finance.

The school now has four undergraduate majors, namely Finance, Insurance, Financial Engineering, and Financial Technology. It also has Experimental Classes of Financial Engineering and Fin-tech Outstanding Talent Training Program, as well as Doctoral (Master) Degrees of Finance and Financial Engineering, and Professional Master Degrees of Finance and Insurance.Among them, Finance is the Construction Point of National First-class Characteristic Major of Colleges and Universities, the Construction Point of National First-class Major, the First Batch of Comprehensive Reform Pilot of Undergraduate Majors of Local Colleges and Universities, the Advantageous Major of Colleges and Universities of Shanxi Province, and the Undergraduate Branded Major of Ordinary Colleges and Universities of Shanxi Province. Financial Engineering is the Construction Point of National First-class Major, the Construction Point of Characteristic Major of Colleges and Universities of Shanxi Province, and the Advantageous and Characteristic Major of Colleges and Universities of Shanxi Province. Insurance is the Construction Point of First-class Major of Shanxi Province. “The‘3+3’ Talent Training Mode Innovation Experimental Area”of Finance is “Talent Training Mode Innovation Experimental Area of Ordinary Institutions of Higher Learning of Shanxi Province”. Finance is a key discipline of Shanxi Province, with post-doctoral scientific research stations.

The School of Finance has 76 faculty members, including 61 full-time teachers,7 administrators and 8 counselors. Among the full-time teachers, there are 2 provincial famous teachers, 2 provincial young academic leaders of colleges and universities, 2 provincial academic and technical leaders, and 3 top-notch talents of the "Three Jin Talents" Support Program of Shanxi Province. There are 11 professors and 29 associate professors, accounting for 65.57% of the total number. There are 39 doctoral teachers, accounting for 63.93% of the total. There are 6 doctoral supervisors and 31 master supervisors. At present, there are 1462 undergraduate students, 455 master degree applicants, 34 doctoral degree applicants and 5 foreign students.

In recent years,the school has won many grand prizes and first prizes of Teaching Achievements of Shanxi Province. Seven courses,Financial Engineering,Finance,Insurance,Securities Investment,International Finance,Corporate Finance,Python Programming and Financial Applicationshave been approved as Quality Sharing Courses for Colleges and Universities in Shanxi Province. The experimental project of robo-adviser virtual simulation, insurance claim settlement in planting industry based on data analysisvirtual simulation, commercial bank liquidity pressure test virtual simulation were approved as the Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Project of Shanxi Colleges and Universities. An excellent innovative talent training mode was actively explored and established in Financial Engineering. It promoted and cooperated with the university to implement the “Experimental Class of Financial Engineering ” project in 2012. In 2019, the School of Finance, the School of Information and the School of Applied Mathematics jointly established the Fin-tech Outstanding Talent Training Program.

In 2020, the school’s faculty’s scientific research funds have received 3.01 million yuan, including 1.654 million yuan for vertical projects and 1.356 million yuan for horizontal projects. There were 3 A-level projects, including 2 A3-level projects,1 A4-level project and 16 B-level projects. Based on the regional development strategy, 9 projects under the 14th Five-Year Plan were undertaken. There were 26 high-quality academic papers published, including 1 A1-level paper, 6 A2-level papers, 2 A3-level papers, and 9 A4-level papers. There were 9 works of various types published, including 4 monographs, 2 edited works, and 3 teaching materials. There were 3 awards for various scientific researches. There was an article selected inSXUFE Think Tank Special Reportand 9 articles selected in other journals. The domestic high-level academic conference was held once throughout the year. The teachers of the school participated in international conferences 10 person-times. The school co-organized with the Shanxi Finance Association, the Seventh (2020) Annual Conference of China Financial Management, an online and offline synchronous national academic conference. It co-organized the Shanxi Summer School for Postgraduates of Applied Economics in 2020. It organized the online international conference on financial regulation and financial stability.

The School of Finance adheres to the idea of open education and strengthens the cooperation and contacts with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions. At present, it has signed an articulation agreement of the "3+1" Dual Degree Program with Deakin University in Australia. Several students have participated in the inter-university exchange and cooperation project with Silesian University in Opava. It has recruited 4 foreign doctoral candidates and invited many foreign scholars for academic exchange. At the same time, there were exchanges between teachers and students with University of Sydney, Cornell University, Columbia University, University of Missouri System, University of Huddersfield, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität-Magdeburg and other relevant universities. It has signed an agreement on the joint training base for postgraduates with Central University of Finance and Economics. It has maintained long-term and stable academic communication channels with many famous universities in China, such as Institute of Finance and Banking of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics, University of International Business and Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Nankai University and Xiamen University. It has signed strategic cooperation agreement with the Taiyuan Central Sub-branch of People's Bank of China, Shanxi Regulatory Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission and Shanxi Financial Holding Group Co.LTD.

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